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Food must be gathered with the attitude of more life to all and less to none.


This is a radical book.

Dr. Alexandra Gayek It was radical when it was published in 1910, and it is radical today.

When I first read The Science of Being Well, I thought, OF COURSE! This is brilliant! Everyone should read this book! You may have a similar response to this book if you've read Mr. Wattles' first book, The Science of Getting Rich, or if you believe that both thought and behavior affect health.

At first glance, I believed I already practiced much of what Mr. Wattles teaches. But when I looked more closely I discovered there was a big difference between what I was actually doing and what I thought I was doing. Then there was another leap from what I thought I was doing to the approach Mr. Wattles describes.

Results in just one day!

When I began actually to practice what he teaches —even imperfectly — the results were immediate and dramatic. After just one day of consciously changing my eating habits to what Mr. Wattles recommends, I noticed an enormous improvement in how I felt.

I thought, if only I could get all my patients to read and follow this book! Ninety percent of their problems would be resolved!

In the seven years since I published my 2004 version of The Science of Being Well, more than 60,000 people have put it to the test. I've worked individually with hundreds of them, witnessing amazing healing as we discover what works—and... it's beyond what's in the book.

I've experienced my own miracle healing, and the key was beyond what's in the book.

Consciousness has evolved, not just in the 100-plus years since the book was originally written, but in the past seven years.

I've created numerous programs, teleclasses, audios, little books, courses over these years to fill the gaps as my understanding has grown, but only now am I bringing all this back to the book itself.

I'm in the process of completely rewriting The Science of Being Well.

If you're a dedicated Wattles fan, you may at first find this audacious, even arrogant. How could I possibly think I know better than Wally?

Look at it this way. If Wattles had lived another hundred years, would his ideas not have evolved? His own belief in natural expansion is nicely expressed in his first book, The Science of Getting Rich:

"It is the natural and inherent impulse of life to seek to live more; it is the nature of intelligence to enlarge itself, and of consciousness to seek to extend its boundaries and find fuller expression."

The primary difference between Wallace Wattles' original 1910 edition of "The Science of Being Well" and my 2004 edition lies in the chapters about eating. This new edition will update ALL the chapters about action, including those about eating. It will expand and completely revise the conversation about the cause of illness and what is required to heal, the role of Thought and Faith, and how to access the power of healing.

Essentially, it will give you an easier and more successful method, as well as a better understanding, of how to get well and stay well.

With all these changes coming, why should you read the book now?

Tens of thousands of people, including me, have benefitted from the book as it is. You'll likely be joining them. In my experience, it takes time to integrate a new way of thinking. Perhaps you will pull different treasures from this book than I have. It's a great springboard for the marvelous adventure of healing. And it will give you a context for the questions I'll be sending to all new subscribers to jumpstart your transformation.

Click here to get the free book and join me!

After all, it's fun to be healthy, and you deserve the immeasurable benefit of good health!

Blessings for a healthy and abundant life!
And of course …

Be Well!
Alexandra Gayek

Alexandra Gayek, N.D.
Olga, Washington, USA
July 2011


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