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  • Generous commissions up to 30% — 20% when those you refer purchase, and ...
  • Two-tier commissions: You get paid another 10% when your referrals become affiliates, too, and send others who purchase.
  • Customers for life. Whoever you refer earns you commissions for as long as they continue to purchase.
  • Free membership.
  • Thorough and effective follow-up with your referrals with the Be Well!™ ezine, personalized email messages, and an endless stream of free gifts and tempting offers.
  • All the ads, banners, tools you'll need to create powerful links from your site to ours. And they're already embedded with your very own affiliate ID so they're ready to go!
  • Commission payments generated automatically on the 5th of each month (with only a $25 minimum until you're paid)
  • The satisfaction of knowing you're helping many, many people in just the way Mr. Wattles recommends — more life to ALL, including YOU!
There are just a few simple guidelines ...
  • NO SPAM! Any email you send to promote The Science of Being Well Network and its products must be only to people who have agreed to receive email from you.
  • Harmonious ethics. Websites and all other means used to advertise The Science of Being Well must be free of violence, pornography, slurs or discrimination against any group of people, and must operate in general harmony with the principles taught by Mr. Wattles, especially "More life to all and less to none."
  • Be legal. No illegal means, including copyright violation, may be associated with the advertising or promotion of The Science of Being Well Network or its products.
  • To be paid, you'll need a Paypal account. If you don't have one, sign up for your free account by clicking here.

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