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Tape or CD #1:
Healing Quickly from Infectious Disease

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to think positive, healing thoughts when you have a bad cold, the flu, a herpes outbreak, an ulcer, or some other totally distracting symptoms of infection? It can seem that the only thing you can do is lie there feeling miserable.

This soundtrack will guide you through a totally different way of thinking about your situation. It is designed specifically to feed your mind positive thoughts you can't generate yourself (at the moment) to mobilize your immune system in a way that's actually fun and entertaining, as well as loving. Get your mind focused on something other than your misery, and healing is on its way faster!

Tape or CD #2:
Interrupting Addictive Behavior

What do you do when you're upset, stressed, or bored? Eat? Smoke? Drink? Shop? Watch TV? Lash out irritably at those around you? You may have some relatively "harmless" behavior you realize is not in your best interest and would like to stop ... maybe ... someday.

You may often find yourself in the midst of it before you even realize you're doing something you had promised yourself you wouldn't do. And by then that little voice of reason is overpowered by your desire to keep right on doing it, and maybe your self-condemnation, guilt or embarrassment about what you're doing. It's too late.

This program is there to support that inner wish to stop, in those moments when it's too weak to stand up for itself. Far from scolding or preaching (which would just strengthen the resistance and rebellion), its lighthearted tone distracts you from what you were doing, or were about to do, with humor. It guides you through a very effective method of shifting out of the mental and emotional state that led to the behavior.

Tape or CD #3:
Healing Now Through Gratitude

You may have been taught to be grateful for your body, and it's wonderful when you can get to that stage. But for many people who don't especially like their bodies, that can be hard. This meditation starts you off at the easier step of being grateful to your body.

It may sound weird, but the effect is amazing. It's one of the most powerful daily practices you can do and will strengthen your ability to develop gratitude for your body and for all kinds of other things in your life as well.

This practice is what Myrtle Fillmore, a contemporary of Mr. Wattles and co-founder of the Unity movement, used to completely heal herself from tuberculosis at a time when it was usually fatal.

As Mr. Wattles says, "The whole process of mental adjustment and attunement can be summed up in one word: Gratitude."

Try it out for yourself!

Tape or CD #4:
Building Your "Conception of Perfect Health"

One of the most common questions people ask is how to think health when they are in pain or have some other glaring evidence of disease.

It's easy to get stuck on thinking about your body in terms of how it looks and feels.

So the first place to start is in the miraculous world of your body's cells, molecules, and the energy that keeps you alive. In this soundtrack, I'll guide you through how to do that.

There's a good chance you are holding some pretty old ideas about how you are. Prejudices, I like to call them. You may have decided you're fat, or ugly, or sick, or boring, or stupid, or anxious, or have a bum shoulder or a bad back. And you may have evidence to back up your belief. After all, your brain is structured to create your world to match your beliefs about it so that you're almost always right.

But what if you're wrong? Would you be willing to be curious? Would you be willing to discover a different truth about yourself and your body?

This program guides you through a unique process of exploration to discover what's really true. You'll wind up with a very different image of your body if you're willing!

Once you've let go of some of your old limiting beliefs, you'll have a much easier time creating an image of a healthy person. Then when you discover the truth of your connection with the rest of creation, you'll see how it's really possible for YOU to be that healthy person.

Tape or CD #5:
Transforming Your Mind and Body Through Forgiveness

There's plenty of research to support what common sense would tell you: it's not good for your health to carry around anger, blame, resentment, shame, guilt, and chronic disappointment.

In The Science of Being Well, Mr. Wattles makes a powerful statement about the importance of healing all of this if you are to receive fully from the Source of all abundance:

"The person who is in conscious harmony with All will receive a continuous inflow of vital power from the Supreme Life, and this inflow is prevented by angry, selfish, or antagonistic mental attitudes. If you are against any part, you have severed relations with all — you will receive life, but only instinctively and automatically, not intelligently and purposefully."

It's clear that you can't be connected with the power that heals if you are "against any part" of the whole. That includes being against anyone else, yourself, your body, or parts of your body.

So what do you do with all those feelings? How can you get rid of them so you can have health? It's all about forgiveness — which may not be what you think.

This program is one you'll yourself listening to over and over again as you give yourself permission to let go of what you've been dragging around to the detriment of yourself and everyone else.

Tape or CD #6:
Transforming Fear and Anxiety

One of the hardest things about a chronic condition or the diagnosis of serious disease is the fear that you'll never heal. That you're locked into a downward spiral of suffering and decreasing life quality, or even death.

If you've witnessed a family member develop some condition that has hereditary implications, it's pretty hard to avoid the nagging thought that it could happen to you too.

For most of us, anxiety is not limited to our actual experience of terrible symptoms, or even being given a definitive diagnosis. It's our imagination of what COULD happen that sends us into a tailspin. Just the thought of a needle, of blood, of someone in a white coat, of all those instruments being in the same room with us ... and most people break out in a cold sweat!

Then there's the anxiety about everything else — your finances, your job, your family, anything changing or challenging in your life. And it's no secret that all this profoundly affects your health!

This program is about getting yourself into the perfect frame of mind to help yourself and your body respond in the best possible way to whatever you are facing, whether it's an immediate trip to the dentist, doctor, or hospital, the bewildering unknown of a newly diagnosed condition, recurring thoughts of despair about healing, or any other stressful thing in your life.

You'll be creating the best possible energy for yourself and every other person with whom you will interact.

You'll also be transforming thoughts based on the past, so they no longer hold power over your current and future experience, and allow you to start fresh, right now.

Tape or CD #7:
Healing From Surgery, Injury, and Chronic Disease

Once you're out of the part you may have feared the most, or the acute phase of a new diagnosis ,new illness, or recent injury or surgery, you're now in the phase many people find is actually the most difficult to handle alone.

Your routine is interrupted, your activities are limited, the pain may be greater than you imagined, the friends who were excited to help during the peak of drama are back into their busy lives, you're bored and restless, your body is taking too long to heal, you're angry about being in this situation, you feel trapped ... Any or all of this might be going on, producing all kinds of mental and emotional energy that's counterproductive to what you really want, which is to HEAL.

This phase may last for YEARS, and after years of suffering, may be even more difficult to turn around than it was in the beginning.

This soundtrack is about getting through that challenging phase with grace and ease, finding peace in the midst of emotional chaos and physical pain, turning yourself in a new healing direction in the midst of long term disease, and feeding your body the information it can use to heal faster.

Tape or CD #8:
Preparing Your Body for Rejuvenating Sleep

As Mr. Wattles says, "Vital power is renewed in sleep."

You know this all too well when you sleep poorly. And when you have chronic insomnia, it's important to make the most of the sleep you do get, rather than adding frustration about what you're not getting to make the situation even worse.

This program is for bedtime listening, and will give you the best possible experience of rejuvenating sleep even while you explore and heal other underlying physical problems that may be temporarily interfering with a completely refreshing rest.

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